Wilde Beest
Serious Food. Serious Drinks. No Serious People.
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Our Food

Wilde Beest is a modern garden-to-table restaurant based on the turn-of-the-century agrarian model focused on hyper-locality and the cultivation of intimacy with it's clientele and community. 


The food at Wilde Beest is presented as a small, seasonally-rotating menu composed of small and large plates.

Diners are encouraged to break the conventional dining model and to eat through a series of shared dishes and courses. The menu walks the diner from the ocean, to the coast, through the fields and forests, and back to the farms and the farmers with the dining room itself forming the backdrop for our modern interpretations of rustic fare.

Our plating is minimalist, with a strong emphasis on powerful, single-ingredient dishes that utilize technique to maximize the impact of flavors, with products that are hand-selected at the peak of seasonality from our partner farms. In our efforts, the kitchen offers no sleight of hand, gimmicks or frills and seeks to create dishes that belong to their place, and taste as much like themselves as possible.